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Brian Force

Brian Force

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Where Does Most Opportunity End Up?

I’m writing this on a gloomy Monday morning, rain pouring outside; cozy, and also not the kind of weather that inspires massive action. This particular kind of day tends to get me thinking a lot about energy, about what causes us to feel a certain way, or bring out specific characteristics in us. Whether inspiring, deflating or anything in between, something as simple as the color of the sky and amount of humidity can bring a certain kind of energy into us that manifests in either inspired or unmotivated behavior. When you think about it, that’s pretty absurd, right?

The simple truth is this, because we allow ourselves to be fragile in terms of what we let influence our energy, and therefore our behavior, most of the opportunity in our lives gets left on the table. Building a business, for example, is inherently challenging, it requires massive action, focused effort and a lot of resilience. These are all attributes that require us to carry a certain energy in our day to day lives, and to maintain that energy even in the face of adversity. It’s also true that a few clouds and moisture have the capacity to put a damper on that energy if we let it. This is metaphorical, of course. In literal terms we tend to allow benign inconveniences to prevent us from taking the kind of actions that lead to extraordinary results.

Here’s something interesting to consider: none of this occurs in a physical space. Meaning rainy days don’t actually affect our bodies, save for the flaring up of old sports injuries. All of this is happening in our minds. We’ve accepted, as a society, that rainy days are for curling up on the couch, cat-napping or, on the darker end of the spectrum, sadness. This isn’t an objective reality, we have a subjective viewpoint that a gloomy day isn’t a suitable environment to take on the world. And so we don’t.

There will be more rainy days though, a lot of them in fact. There will always be a reason to let ourselves believe that this is not the time nor place to take massive action and start building the life we truly want. There will always be a reason to leave opportunity on the table.

If you want to capture the abundance that undoubtedly exists in your world, start with your own energy. How are you choosing to show up? How are you choosing to feel? Are you stronger than a few rain clouds? Is the future version of yourself okay with accepting the fact that you chose not to give it everything you have because it was gloomy out?

You get to choose. You always have. It starts with a decision, and then it’s just a matter of taking action on that decision. If you want to start building the life you truly want, today is the day to do it. The sun is shining somewhere, even if it’s not in your immediate vicinity. Go find it.

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