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Brian Force

Brian Force

Team Leader | Janitor | Printer Maintenance

What Holds You Back…

If you ask most people, especially entrepreneurs, to explain their goals to you and why it’s important for them to be accomplished the response is likely to come in two phases: a distinct vision, and a wandering, uneven depiction of importance that lacks ferocity and trails off near the end. This isn’t a slight against anyone striving to achieve more, we should have massive goals and an incredible vision for the one life we have to live. It’s understandable that we have more trouble defining the importance of the things we want to accomplish than we do outlining the achievements themselves. This is because margin of error around our visions is normally quite large and there’s an abundance of alternatives that would be more than acceptable if they became our reality. This is, in short, what holds us back.

When we lack a clear understanding of why our vision is important to us we tend to gravitate away from the kind of actions that would lead to us manifesting it. The allure of pleasure and the fear of pain become more pronounced and before long we find ourselves off track and without any real idea of how to get back on course. Our goals become distant memories as we convince ourselves that something else is more important or that we’re not capable of achieving what we set out to do. This is the furthest thing from the truth, however. We are each infinitely capable beings with the potential to create whatever reality we choose for ourselves.

In order to create a rock-solid tether to our goals, they have to speak to a purpose that’s deeply meaningful to us. Meaningful enough to inspire consistent action, meaningful enough to push us beyond our limiting beliefs. In short, meaningful enough to cut through our excuses. This is the level of connection we need to have if we want to bring our vision to fruition.

If you’ve struggled to hit your goals in the past, if you’re struggling with taking consistent, massive action to achieve your goals in the present, it would be valuable to do an audit. Why are your goals meaningful to you? On what truths about yourself is your vision based? How often do you revisit your vision and reinforce its meaning?

The hardest part about achieving our goals is finding the motivation to be consistent around the actions we need to take every day to keep moving forward. Without a strong tether to the purpose behind our day-to-day actions it can be easy to let our habits fall by the wayside or get sucked into the vicious cycle of analysis paralysis. The stronger the connection you have to your purpose, the more likely you are to build iron-clad habits that enable you to manifest your vision.

A great tool for creating that vision, or at least defining it in a tangible way is a future-self exercise. This practice will help you outline what the future looks like in different aspects of your life; professional, personal, spiritual, social, financial etc. It’s a powerful thought exercise and can create a tremendous tether between you and your goals; one that inspires massive, consistent action.

It’s also true that these practices are only effective if utilized consistently. That’s why we at Livian have created a helpful version of this exercise that will keep it in front of you on a daily basis and remind you what it is you’re creating every day. Click here and complete the future-self exercise. Make sure you take your time, find a quiet place, and really think through your answers. Remember, this is your future, no one else’s. So the answers should be meaningful to you above all else.

Once you finish the exercise, your future-self will be emailed to you in a printable format. Beyond that, you’ll receive an email reminder each day that highlights your vision and what the future looks like. Keeping your future-self in front of you daily is the best way to create a strong bond that inspires daily action.

Your world is filled with endless possibilities. Cutting through the noise to find your ultimate purpose and vision is the first step in taking hold of those possibilities and creating whatever your future you want for yourself and those in your world. Create that vision, keep it in front of you regularly, take massive action, and the results will be there.

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