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Brian Force

Brian Force

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Take Action. Take Ownership. That’s It.

There’s an undeniable reality that I think is important for many entrepreneurs to consider. If you’re business isn’t stable you’re always in a shifting market. I don’t say that to sound harsh, it’s simply the truth. As the market changes and we’re pressed to find opportunities as they arise in a new landscape, it’s easy to look around and blame all the external factors that have created headwinds in our world. Higher prices and interest rates, doom and gloom on the news, it feels convenient to point to any number of reasons why we’re struggling to adapt. It’s also true that we have a tendency to leave one crucial variable off our list of convenient grievances: Us.

There are two commonalities among high performers in any industry. They take massive action, and they take ownership of their outcomes. As the real estate landscape changes, it’s important to embody both.

Consider this: if you’re being entirely honest with yourself, did you set aside two to three hours of solid lead generation every business day when the market was on fire? Were you disciplined around your schedule and conscious of where your time was being spent? In other words, have you been treating your business like a business? If not, start there. The reality of most real estate businesses is that they’re too dependent on market forces and not dependent enough on behavioral input; meaning we put ourselves at the mercy of the market rather than our own consistent actions.

The fact is that if we’re not taking massive action to grow our businesses, the market environment is irrelevant. We can’t control what’s happening around us, but we can control how we show up and what steps we take to ensure our success.

The market is providing an abundance of opportunity right now for those willing to step up, take ownership and go all in. It truly is an incredible time to be in the real estate business. Market share is up for grabs and clients are looking to their skilled fiduciaries for guidance in a landscape that requires skill to navigate. The service we provide is more important than ever before, institutional buyers are no longer sucking up a substantial portion of available transactions, owners have equity, and buyers have options. There are very few market environments one could argue are better for real estate business building than this one.

Now is the time to embody that habits of the businessperson you set out to become. Opportunity is all around you, reach out a grab it. If you want to manifest the vision that you have for your business, it’s as simple as that and there’s no better time to execute.

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