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The leverage you need to unlock your potential. With Livian’s robust systems network, you can close more deals while spending more time doing what you love.

Training and Coaching

As the old adage goes, iron sharpens iron. At Livian, our robust training systems allow you to utilize our tools and tech at the highest level, creating more opportunity and enhancing your bottom line.

Additionally, our in-house productivity coaching program gives you access to some of the most elite coaches from around the country who tailor their approach to your business’s needs.


Never spend another minute on non-dollar productive activities! Our Operations Department is the life blood of our business. Handling each of our seller and buyer transactions from start to finish as well as hiring, onboarding and training new team members, and building a culture of growth and forward thinking. This talented group allows our agent partners to shine.


Great teams are headed by great leaders, we’re no different! Each one of our lead agents is in the top 1% nationwide in production and embodies the true spirit of a leader. 

They’re here to guide you each step of the way as your business reaches new and incredible heights!


Livian DFW is looking for high-performing real estate agents and teams to partner with. Learn more about the opportunity by filling out the form below and a member of our leadership team will be in touch to schedule a completely confidential discovery call.

Partner Stories

Livian agents are building sustainable businesses and reaching new heights