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Transforming Businesses & Lives

At Livian, we treat all of our agents as true partners. This partnership lies at the heart of our organization and lives and breathes through our deep commitment and investment
in your personal and professional

Success is not a straight path. Roadblocks, plateaus, and detours happen. Let Livian drive you to the next level.


Reaching the next level of success isn’t determined by what you do, but who you have by your side. That means finding a partner who wakes up every day thinking about your success. At Livian, our purpose is to work for you by providing an all-inclusive platform that supports high-performing real estate teams from end to end. 
From hiring, to training, to day-to-day operations, we’ve created a model that simply delivers. Is your business, by most measures, on an upward trajectory? Take a moment to consider another critical factor: work-life harmony. 
Livian provides the ultimate leverage by taking the guesswork, long hours, and heavy lifting out of building a world-class business.


Spend less time training and more time selling with our suite of industry leading tech tools.


Stay in dollar-productive mode and out of the task-oriented side of your business with our robust systems.


Build your brand with the backing of a professional marketing department that has one purpose: to make you a star!


Real estate careers have never been more opportunistic. Unlock unlimited growth potential and future opportunity.


Enjoy the benefits of high-level financial education along with substantial investment and wealth building opportunities.