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Brian Force

Brian Force

Team Leader | Janitor | Printer Maintenance

A Message About Our Industry

Let’s start with a poignant truth: Most people don’t make it in this business. For whatever reason, and there are many, the majority of entrepreneurs that set out on a journey to build their own real estate business leave the industry within a year. That, by the way, isn’t far off from the stats on small businesses in general. Being an entrepreneur, in any regard, isn’t easy. Though the truth is we’re thoroughly blessed to work in the field we’ve chosen, and it can be beneficial to take a step back, from time to time, and remember the distinct advantages that real estate entrepreneurs enjoy.

We have the unique opportunity to build our own businesses, from the ground up, in an industry with virtually unlimited growth potential. And, we get to do so without having to reinvent ourselves or our ideas. Real estate is simple – it’s not easy, but it’s not complicated either. When done correctly, it can lead to massive wealth and financial freedom.

Compare this to any other entrepreneurial field. If I were to start another business today, I would need a lot of things. I’d need a groundbreaking idea, mountains of market research, product development, financial backing, a sound market penetration strategy, and so on. I would be required to invest so much of my time, energy, and money into an unproven idea with the hopes that my hard work will pay off at some unknown point in an uncertain future. But not in real estate.

In real estate, I need a simple plan of action that I execute on every single day. I need the discipline to be consistent, I need the resilience to keep going when things don’t go my way. That’s pretty much it.

Yes, I’ll become better over time. I’ll become more skilled, a better business owner and fiduciary to my clients. I’ll become more refined and confident and strategic. But the day-to-day will still be that simple. Have a plan and execute. Talk to as many people about real estate as possible and deepen my relationships with those I serve. If I do that, the possibilities are truly limitless.

Real estate is responsible for creating more millionaires than any other asset class and I have the privilege of learning about potential investment opportunities before anyone else, connecting with qualified and passionate partners with whom I can grow, and gaining access to a bounty of knowledge and insight to help me make quality decisions around wealth building. What could be better?

Yes there are hard days. Sometimes hard months. And that’s also true in any role in any industry on Earth. If I allow the fact that not every day is a success hold me back, it doesn’t really matter what I do for a living, my growth will be limited. In real estate I can turn everything around the next day and keep moving forward towards my vision. That, in itself, is a blessing.

Remember this today, and every day. You are in the greatest industry in the world and have more opportunity than you could possibly ever capture. Execute on your plan each and every day, give yourself permission to be great, and allow yourself to take full advantage of it.

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